Anna Murphy


Anna is an experienced Communications & PR Consultant who moved into the Leadership Development and Coaching while based in Sydney, Australia in 2014. She has worked with organisations to help develop people, teams and leaders to be more effective in their use of various styles of communication and leadership.

Now based in Dublin, Anna facilitates workshops and one-to-one sessions to help individuals, leaders and teams realise their full potential. Anna is interested in people, the factors that motivate their behaviour and what drives them to succeed.  She is passionate about how performance can be optimised using insights from science and people data.   

Anna started her career in PR and worked in the communications space for 12 years basing herself in Dublin, London and Australia. Her experience afforded her great insight into the importance of applying a communication style depending on the audience, and how to deliver a message with impact.  Moving into Leadership and Coaching taught Anna how to apply empathy in business, how to face business challenges with a positive mindset, how to approach conflict and communicate more effectively in business, all with the focus of achieving best business outcomes.