High Performance Teams


What: Work closely with a team to lift their performance, commitment and engagement levels 



  • High turnover in a particular team compared to others.
  • Dip in business or performance results for the team which had  historically been strong.
  • Lower morale or engagement, less “buzz” than other teams in the organisation.
  • Newly formed team with a big business deliverable and not much time to gel.
  • Mature team facing change with resistance/trepidation.
  • Change in the business landscape requiring new thinking and   behaviours to success.
  • New team leader. 


  • Collaborative session to define team purpose and breakthrough results.
  • Clear establishment of a business mandate and team success metrics.
  • Use of psychometrics to deepen understanding and commitment.
  • Identification of barriers: lack of clear role definitions, communication process, training requirements, etc. and a plan to address those.