Tailored Training Solutions


What: Improve capability in specific areas in a way that engages, energises and delivers business results 



  • Outputs from High Performance Team Development often outline capability requirements
  • Teams with Gen Y /Millennials need self awareness, resilience and feedback/performance management to shape future managers and leaders as well manage their performance
  • Many professional services firms and management teams have strong technical capability while relationship building, networking, self management and people management need strengthening 


  • The Psychology and Skill of Feedback: Linked to a company’s specific performance feedback process to ensure their process is optimised
  • Relationship and Business Building Through Numbers – (for non accountants): Looking at financial data to create meaningful client dialogue and identify potential business opportunities
  • Resilience: The ability to remain calm, focused and motivated in challenging times by managing attitude, pressure and energy to be effective over a sustained period.
  • Critical Thinking & Decision Making: A cognitive understanding of how to approach decision making and questioning to think for yourself, lead with innovative thinking and connect to the thinking of others