Making the most of your people to make the most of your business. Our services aim to engage and energise your people to deliver ambitious business goals through:



Prism is a boutique business consultancy formed over 15 years ago to deliver high performance results for businesses in a way that engages and energises its people and teams.

At Prism, we apply the most progressive knowledge and methods to engage people, stretch team performance and deliver real business results by utilising best psychological practice and international business acumen.

Prism drives the achievement of results by:

  • Creating tailored solutions to get high impact results for clients by energising and engaging people.
  • Offering hands on and practical solutions.
  • Bringing psychological principles to bear in a business context.
  • Ensuring every step of a programme is immediately applicable to real business situations.
  • Lifting the skill set and capability of our clients' leaders to ensure ongoing progress and momentum without continued external support.

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Danica Murphy, founder, explains Prism's approach and services.